Indian Railways

Indian Railways Trains Quota Codes

indian railways trains quota codes

Do you know that there are 18 different quotas are there when booking a train ticket. Its always good to book a ticket in a quota, so that there is a high chance of getting your ticket confirmed. Some of the quotas which we know are Ladies quota (for female passengers), Tatal quota (for emergency travelling), physically handicapped persons, military ...

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What is Pooled Quota Waiting List (PQWL)

pooled quota waiting list

PQWL stands for pooled quot waiting list. There are many different types of waiting lists on reservation tickets. They are GNWL, CKWL and PQWL. The seats in a train are divided among these waiting lists. Some of the trains have pooled quota waiting list. The pooled quota waiting list is applicable to intermediate stations and is shared by several stations between ...

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Indian Railways Trains PNR Status Codes

pnr status codes

Most of us know only few pnr status code like waiting list, RAC and don’t know other status codes. It is good to know the different status codes ahead for our knowledge. There are totally 10 different status codes available and your ticket can be in any one of these 10 status codes. Your train ticket status can change after ...

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Indain Railways – PNR Status SMS Alert

pnr status sms alert

Indian Railways is going to launch a new service which sends an sms alert when a passengers train ticket is confirmed. This new service is very helpful for the passengers and passengers don’t need to check the pnr status regularly. However with this feature, passengers who’s ticket gets confirmed only get the sms alert and those passengers whose ticket is ...

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