Indian Railways Trains Quota Codes

indian railways trains quota codes

Do you know that there are 18 different quotas are there when booking a train ticket. Its always good to book a ticket in a quota, so that there is a high chance of getting your ticket confirmed.

Some of the quotas which we know are Ladies quota (for female passengers), Tatal quota (for emergency travelling), physically handicapped persons, military quota, railway staff etc.

Let see the different quotas in Indian railways in detail.



Quota codes

  • GN: General Quota
  • LD: Ladies Quota
  • HO: Head quarters/high official Quota
  • DF: Defence Quota
  • PH: Parliament house Quota
  • FT: Foreign Tourist Quota
  • DP: Duty Pass Quota
  • CK: Tatkal Quota
  • SS: Female(above 45 Year)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
  • HP: Physically Handicapped Quota
  • RE: Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
  • GNRS: General Quota Road Side
  • OS: Out Station
  • PQ: Pooled Quota
  • RC(RAC): Reservation Against Cancellation
  • RS: Road Side
  • YU: Yuva
  • LB: Lower Berth

Well, actually if you see some of them are not quotas at all. For example RAC (allocate a single berth to two or more persons) is not a quota. Before booking a ticket, check these quotas and if you fall into any one of the above quota, then try to book your ticket in that quota. So that your ticket will get confirmed fast.