IRCTC Nextgen Fast Booking Website

Recently IRCTC upgraded its website to make it faster when compared to the old version of the site. This website is called the Nextgen. Passengers experienced lot of problems when booking a ticket online in the older version of the website. Some of the problems are like:

  • Registering is difficult: The registration process on the website is itself very difficult. Passengers wont get the verification code to their mobile.
  • Logging into the site: This also one of the major problem. Even I experienced difficulties when logging into the site.
  • Booking a ticket; This is the major frustration problem for the passengers. Most of the times the passengers experienced transaction failures, when paying money online in IRCTC website.

There are so many other problems apart from the listed major ones. Now IRCTC upgraded the site to make it better and faster. IRCTC claims that passengers can book around 7000 tickets in a minute in the newer version of the site.

Did you booked in the new Nextgen Irctc website. If so write your valuable comments about booking ticket in the new ICTC nextgen website.