MMTS Train Timings


MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System) is a joint project of Andhra Pradesh government and south central railway. The MMTS Trains are operated by the south central railway. The local MMTS trains run between the following routes:

Daily More than 2 Lakh passengers travel in MMTS trains. The MMTS Trains has 9 compartments which has 7 general and 2 ladies compartments. The first class compartment is a part of ladies compartments and has nearly 20 seats. The fare of first class compartment is nearly 12 times of the general compartment. There are few special trains only for lady passengers.

Hyderabad MMTS Train Timings

The route Map image in which the mmts trains run is shown below:

hyderabad mmts train timings

Hyderabad Metro Train Timings

The Metro project in hyderabad is going on. Ipnrstatus is planning to launch a page for metro train timings where metro passengers can check the times of metro trains.