PNR Status

The PNR Status is one of the best features of Indian railways which helps the passengers in checking the current booking status of the ticket. Enter the 10 digit passenger name record number in the above form and get the current reservation details. The pnr status of Indian railways helps individual to get the current berth status.

PNR Status Importance

The PNR Status has specific importance when it comes to the travel category. It stands for passenger name record. In the case of Indian Railways, it is a unique 10 digit that has information about passengers. It is issued with every booking and is printed on the top-left corner of the ticket. This PNR helps in tracking the current status of the berth.

Identifying the PNR Status Number

It does not matter whether you have booked a ticket online or by going physically to the railway station, a PNR is generated with each booking. If you have booked online, the PNR along with the current status will be sent to your email. And if you have booked at the railway station, a printed copy is provided to you. You can find the 10 digit PNR on the top left side of the ticket. This PNR can be used to get the status of the reservation.

Check the Current Reservation Using PNR Status

Train tickets can be booked either directly at the Indian railway station or online through the IRCTC portal. In both methods, there is a chance that the passenger might not get a confirmed berth. In that case, your reservation will be on the waiting list. To know whether a berth is allocated or not, the passenger has to inquiry about the current reservation. There are quite different methods and the popular one is to check online at the Indian railway portal. However, one has to go through the pain of filling out the captcha.

pnr status

Other ways include calling the 139 from mobile and then following further instructions. Alternatively sending an SMS to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 with the PNR Number as a message also can be used for enquiring. You will get the status in reply to your SMS.

Different PNR Status Codes

When we make a reservation, the berth can be in any of the following statuses. The position can be changed over time depending on the cancellation of tickets by other passengers. Here are the different PNR Status codes and their meaning.

Reservation Against Cancellation

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) means a passenger does not have a reserved berth. RAC only confirms that a seating capacity will be provided for sure. Also, RAC tickets will be confirmed first against each cancellation. Depending on the number of waitlisted passengers, RAC tickets will be upgraded to a confirmed berth. In RAC, Railways allot a single berth to 2 passengers for sitting. RAC passengers are allowed to board the train. Ticket Checker(TC) present on the train can also allot the free seat for those passengers, who are unable to board the train.

Waiting List

Wait List (WL) means that a passenger will not get the confirmed berth or seating accommodation. On every cancellation, a free berth will be first allotted to RAC Passengers. After RAC passengers, the berth will be allotted to WaitList passengers in terms of their booking number. The number of the waitlist for each train may vary. When a maximum number of waitlists will be crossed a REGRET status will come. This REGRET status defines that no further booking is allowed on the train.

Booking in Indian Railway and IRCTC

In Indian Railways, advance booking is allowed up to 120 days before the actual train start date. Passengers should make a reservation well in advance to get a confirmed ticket. If the confirmed reservation is not available, Railway provides a ticket with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) OR WL (Wait List) ticket. Both RAC or WL tickets also have a PNR number.

The vast history of Indian railways started in the British Era and at that time only a few major cities were connected. Now almost every part of India is connected with the railway network. It is one of the most affordable and cheapest transport systems.

There are many different types of trains like passenger, express, super-fast, and luxury trains. The fare of the train varies depending on the speed, distance, and quality of the services. Apart from this, there is a goods train which carries only materials.

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